3 amateur SEO blunders website owners make

It is easy to go wrong when you are poorly informed on how to handle your SEO expectations. You need to understand how quality SEO can improve not just the rankings you get but also direct quality organic traffic to your website. Consider choosing a top SEO company in London UK today to help you avoid making some of the following deadly SEO blunders made by website owners today.

Poor link building strategy

Link building is one of the few algorithms your website will be ranked for. You should however expect no new organic traffic or better SEO score when your link building London has been done poorly. Avoid purchasing links for your link building; it can only go as far as cause irreversible damages to your website. You should instead focus on creating quality content that your other authoritative sites in your nice would not mind sharing for an even stronger link building.

Relying on on-page SEO hacks only

There is more to SEO than on-page strategies as most professionals will claim. Top performing websites have to combine both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve how they rank for different search queries and keywords. Off-page SEO strategy includes social media marketing and even external link building through guest posts and commenting. The best way to access the quality services is find the most appropriate SEO agency that you can hire for your website’s success.

Not involving social media

As much as online marketing relies on presence of a website for businesses to use, social media platforms still form worthwhile avenues to exploit in search of quality traffic. Failing to choose the perfect social media platform is also another mistake you should watch out for before launching your campaign strategy. Social media can besides act as the perfect customer care platform for businesses that are just starting out. A great SEO agency should strive to set you up on social media and even commence some of the paid for advertising hacks used there.


You should strive to reduce the blunders made in every decision you make. Many at time you must seek the involvement of expert SEO agencies to mitigate the number of blunders you end up making if not prevent them all. The hiring process should not be complicated if you know the features to assess in the agency of your choice. Remember the quality of the expert will easily determine the quality of SEO that you enjoy ultimately.