4 useful brainstorming software to Spark Your Creativity

The brainstorming sessions are a phenomenal way for all team members to show creativity and thus contribute to the development of the company. Without new ideas, there is no progress, which shows that these activities are crucial and should be performed regularly. Also, this is an ideal opportunity to engage all team members so that everyone feels valuable.

However, when the work is done remotely, it can be very challenging to carry out such activities. That is why the use of mind mapping tools in such situations is of great benefit. Here are a few useful brainstorming software to spark your team’s creativity:

  1. Coggle

Coggle is a tool that is great for creating different mind maps that are very aesthetically beautiful, clear and can be of great help in coming up with some new ideas. You start from the basic idea and then form a large number of branches to work out the idea down to the smallest detail. This mind mapping software also offers a gallery of public diagrams, which means you have the opportunity to review what other parts of the team have been thinking about and what ideas they have come up with. Coggle comes with a free plan, but also two that are paid and that offer additional features.

  1. Mindomo

Mindomo is a mind mapping software that offers online and offline synchronization. Every time a new idea comes to mind, you can record it on the Mindomo tool, using a phone, tablet, laptop – whatever is most practical for you. Using this tool is very simple, so you will quickly get familiar with its options and start enjoying the benefits it will provide you. At Mindomo you will find beautiful layouts, stylish looks and the ability to sync all the work you have recorded both offline and online.

  1. Infinity

If you are looking for flexible mind mapping software that will meet the needs of all team members and fully adapt to their ways of expressing creativity: Infinity can be a great choice. Whether you are working on a marketing project, a sales process or you need a platform for ideas for HR activities, Infinity will fit your needs. Create a structure that suits you and work out the details in a way that makes sense to you. With infinity you have complete freedom of creation. This mind mapping software will become an integral part of each of your next virtual brainstorming sessions.

  1. MindMup

Another brainstorming software that could be useful for dazzling creativity in your team is MindMup. It is web based and has a connection to Google Drive. This means that you have the option to access your creative ideas that you have placed on this software whenever you need it. In case you want to share your creativity with your community you can do so in a few clicks, thanks to the option to share content from MindMup to your social media. Share your ideas with the world, it would be a shame not to do it! Also, if you want to organize your ideas in the form of a PDF or PowerPoint presentation you can do so with this mind mapping software.

Conclusion: Brainstorming sessions are of great importance for all companies, as they encourage the creativity of all team members and contribute to business development. However, when working remotely, it can be challenging to successfully carry out such activities. Luckily, with optimal brainstorming tools things can get a little easier. Try some of the software we have suggested: Coggle, Mindomo, Infinity, and MindMup and enjoy the benefits it will provide to the whole team. They will allow you to visually present all your ideas, and also enjoy the creation process.