5 most prestigious tips for SAP migration to cloud

If you are still using the physical and hardware solutions to host your SAP ERP enterprise, you are not only locking your IT resources but are wasting a lot of money in the name of capital investment. Further, with local solutions, there is less security to your data and with sophisticated modern sap cloud solutions you can enjoy enhanced security with a complete backup of your full system. This ensures that you will never be out of the settings, even whole of your system gets corrupted. There are many advantages and benefits of migrating your SAP system to sap cloud. In this article, we will guide you about the successful migration of your SAP system to cloud and what are the key things that you should keep in your mind to make the migration a successful stroke.

  • Check with the stability of your system – Before you migrate to cloud-based platform for SAP ERP system, you are required to assess the complexities of your system processes. SAP is a highly diversified software solution and if you have customized it to your own needs, you might want to think twice before making a final call.
  • Make logical assessments – One of the biggest mistakes people do while migrating to cloud is that they underestimate their requirements, and as a result they need to add more options on a regular basis. You must not repeat the same mistake and should clearly assess your needs before finalizing the required solution.
  • Security features – Before you migrate, you need to understand the importance of security on such platforms. Unfortunately, not all the cloud-based platforms are providing with ultimate security and while picking the best option you are required to check the reputation of the system carefully. This can easily be done by reading reviews and feedbacks from existing consumers.
  • Fulfil the legal requirements – there are many legal and compliance requirements involved during the process of migration. A good SAP implementation team will take all the pain and you will never be bothered about this thing. However, you should have a complete knowledge about the compliance requirements in order to better negotiate and deal with the implementers.
  • Clean the mess – Migration to cloud is one of the best opportunities to get your mess cleared. Business systems are never error free and when you are shifting to your systems to a new database, this is the right time for you to make strategic decisions in this regard.