6 Key Features Your Health Insurance Policy Should Have

With the rising costs of medical treatment and the increase in health problems, health insurance is a great way to reduce stress.  People, however, put off buying a health insurance plan until they are in the midst of a crisis. This can be detrimental to your health and your peace of mind.

Therefore, rather than obtaining health insurance once the damage is done, be prepared with appropriate coverage ahead of time to ensure you are not worried about covering costs amid a medical crisis. If you leave everything for the last moment, you will have to devote precious time to finding financial assistance in the middle of a health crisis. This is why it is always important to have comprehensive health insurance right from the start.

Having the right health insurance plans can help you in myriad ways. You do not need to worry when an emergency comes up. Healthcare is expensive today, and the costs are constantly rising. Paying for it on your own can harm your savings. We should not keep health insurance until the last moment.

If we get health insurance plans with time on our hands, we can make better decisions. We will get the time to compare health insurance plans. Until we do not compare health insurance quotes, we will not know the best choice. There are some fundamentals we need to ensure our mediclaim insurance has.

6 Key Features of Health Insurance

Given below are the features of a mediclaim policy your health insurance must-have. Ensure your plan has these features before you go ahead with a purchase.

  • Renewability

To the benefit of the elderly, IRDAI laws have made it compulsory for insurers to offer health coverage even at 65. On the other hand, most private insurers do not have such age restrictions in their health plans, and most state-owned health insurers have a 65-year-old entry requirement.

All health insurance coverage must be able to be renewed for the rest of their lives, according to the rules. You have the option to renew your coverage indefinitely as a policyholder. Even if you filed a claim the preceding year, the provisions apply. Your insurer will be required to present sensible explanations in writing if it refuses to renew your policy on arbitrary grounds.

  • Diseases at the time of insurance purchase

Pre-existing diseases are illnesses that you have before you decide to purchase health insurance, and as a result, insurance companies will not cover them from the start of your coverage. Instead, they offer a 2-4-year waiting period during which they would not be responsible for any claims stemming from your pre-existing sickness. As a result, you must opt for health insurance to cover your current sickness and one that has the shortest waiting period.

  • Premium

You pay a premium to get a health insurance plan with a specific level of coverage. The larger the coverage and the more extensive, the higher premium. When purchasing health insurance, be sure to read all the facts about the protection and the annual amount. Then choose a plan that offers you the highest premium for an affordable rate.

  • Organ transplant

A policy that includes organ transplant coverage can help alleviate financial hardship in the event of a serious illness that necessitates organ donation as a last alternative. This covers the transplant procedure and pre-and post-transplant charges such as diagnostic exams and follow-ups for both the donor and the recipient.

  • Be clear on exclusions

When you get a health insurance policy, you may rest assured that you and your family are protected in the event of future hospitalisation. However, if you don’t read your policy’s exclusions, you can be surprised when it comes time to file a claim. So, before deciding on a health insurance plan, check over the limitations and choose the one with the fewest and most clearly specified exclusions.

  • Inclusions

Many health insurance policies have begun to cover day-care charges, including dialysis, chemotherapy, eye surgery, and lithotripsy, among other things. Insurance companies may cover up to 140 such procedures, with or without limitations. Dental care does not fall under the category of daycare, nor does it necessitate 24-hour hospitalisation. Outpatient operations are also covered, albeit with some limitations.


Before buying a health insurance plan, always make comparisons between companies and choose a plan that finally fits you and your needs the best. Also, you can use the health insurance premium offered by reputed insurers like Tata AIG to know the premium that you will have to pay or compare different health insurance plans.