About Patrick Lucchese 

An accomplished Brazilian business leader in the commercial and financial sectors, Patrick Lucchese was born in the Rio Grande do Sul Porto capital city of Alegre. He attended college in the United States, where he earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Mr. Lucchese’s administrative background dates back to 1996, when he co-founded a location of the luxury furniture retailer Ethan Allen. He ultimately served two years as partner and director of this organization. Other highlights of his career include brief tenures as director of Grupo Invest and cofounding partner and director of Bozano Realty.

Patrick Lucchese has severed as partner and director of Jennifer ADM and Holdings since cofounding this organization roughly a quarter of a century ago. In 2016, he established Urban Advisors, a consultancy that prepares companies for initial public offerings (IPOs) and provides strategic fundraising support. Although it works with a variety of companies, it primarily focuses on a client base of family businesses.

Mr. Lucchese’s specific areas of expertise include asset management, real estate investment, sales operations, leadership development, market research, marketing strategy, and partnership building. He is also a gifted public speaker.

Beyond his work as a senior executive, Patrick Lucchese has accomplished a great deal as a consultant and philanthropist.