How to bet on Cricket? Knowhow

Sports has always been a form of entertainment where people have never shied away from showing their emotions. With this emotion came a sense of opportunity to use these feelings and turn them into something more. Something that would benefit the people who put so much love into their favorite form of entertainment and so was born the act of betting on sporting events. 

The concept of betting was the perfect situation for attaining profits. It was also profitable for businesses because betters would only be successful if they had enough expertise about a sport. It gave people a medium to earn profits while also supporting their favorite squads. 

Especially for the sport of cricket, which had so many unpredictable factors, there was a large group of unique situations to bet on and gain profits. 


Although betting can be very profitable and tempting, it can lead to addiction, delinquency, and sometimes even bankruptcy if not done safely and rightly. To avoid these situations, we’ve come up with a few free betting tips for cricket that can guide you in the right direction toward a smooth and enjoyable betting experience. 


When it comes to betting on cricket, knowing a few specific terms can help you understand what some websites are trying to communicate. Understanding these terms can also give you an edge over others in sudden and immediate betting situations. Here are a few of those terms,

  • Man of the Match – The player who performs the best in a single match. The receiver of the award is decided according to their performance in all aspects of the game.
  • Underdog – The team that’s categorized as the weaker side compared to the two and expected to lose the match. 
  • Over/Under – A bet in which a base number of total runs scored by both competing teams is specified, to which the better needs to guess whether the score will be above or below that total.
  • Lock – When a better expects their decision to be of no doubt, increasing the stakes a small amount, showing their confidence.
  • Dead Heat – A bet in which two separate instances support the success of the better but also divide the stake of the bet in half. For example, if two bowlers were to take the same amount of wickets, it counts as a win for both cases for the better, and the stake is halved. 
  • Hedging – Betting for the opposite side of your initial bet. Generally done because after a bettor knows their situation of definite failure, they want to cut their losses through this strategy. 


As said before, betting can be risky, and with it being unpredictable comes the uncertainty of losing your money. If you get too much or lose too much during betting, the human mindset is to keep going. And when you lose enough money, there’s always the possibility of going bankrupt.

Managing your bankroll is the best way to prevent bankruptcy and unnecessary losses. Some main reasons for reaching a point that causes betters to make unintelligent choices are greed, over/under confidence, external pressure, and uncertainty.

Managing how you spend on bets, where exactly you bet, and which opportunities are safer, and such decisions can help control your bankroll accurately and make profitable conclusions.


Making money on betting is very hard. Depending upon it as the only source of income is something even more foolish to consider. Betting as a side business is fine but considering it as a full-time plan will rarely work, as it has worked for only a handful of people in the whole world.

Here are some tips on how to make more money by betting on cricket matches which won’t help you make it a permanent source of revenue but will help increase the amount of profit you can earn. 

  • Read Cricket Betting Books – Books can help you get an insight into the previous ventures of other bettors that are now successful, advising you to avoid the mistakes they made. Of course, these books will not have all the knowledge needed to get good at betting but is a good starting point. The advice you can get from these books is invaluable and will help improve your chances of winning bets and acquiring greater profits from those chances.
  • Maintaining Multiple Accounts – Most booking sites are always in competition with each other, providing an advantage to bettors. With a wide-reaching scope of websites to choose from, bettors are advised to keep an account on multiple sites, from where they can go through all the options available at hand. After a well-heeded comparison of information and profits, the bettor obtains the advantage of choosing the most beneficial route. Thus, this allows bettors to have better margins of success, that is, lose less on their failed bets and acquire more on their triumphant ones.
  • Major Research – One of the most principal points to take into consideration here is that nothing comes easy, and the same goes for bettors. A good amount of effort needs to be taken by bettors in research. By researching all sources of information within the reach of the bettor, they attain info that they can use to create better opportunities for themselves. The type of data that you’ll want to have a go at is recent info like weather, external factors, player injuries, squad reports, pitch reports, and so on. 
  • Advantage of Arbitrage – The concept of arbitrage is hard to grasp and even harder to execute, but if done right can lead to unbelievable leads and profits. It is a situation where a bettor, after thorough research and planning, bets on a set of deals that provide the probability of only a positive output as a whole. The bettor, therefore, strategically divides his options of betting into scenarios that can only lead to a profit, no matter what the output is. 

Following all these tips will help you to earn great profits in long run through cricket betting. 

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