How to Convert Your Garage into the Ultimate Space

Increasing numbers of people across the country are finding alternative uses for their garages. Those who already have driveways for their cars and do not need the extra storage space are finding they can put their garage to better use by converting it into a useable room.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can convert your garage and what sort of space will work best for you.

Do you want a DIY job? 

It is more than possible to convert your garage singlehandedly but a project like this will take time if you do it yourself. Depending on the size of your garage and the extent of the renovation you want to do, you may end up spending most of your free time working on it. You don’t want to rush it, otherwise you’ll waste time and money if you don’t do it to the standard you want.

Before starting, ask yourself whether you are willing to dedicate your weekends and holiday to this, will you make good use of the space to make all your hard work worth it and do you actually have the space in your home to store whatever is currently in the garage?

Know that converting a garage is a lot of work. Most garages are not built the same as houses; they will not have insulation, damp proofing or electrical wiring, so you’ll need to do plenty of planning and may want to consider having an expert take a look and advise you before you make a start.

Getting a professional build 

Having the professionals do the work for you will be a lot more costly than doing it yourself however you will be more likely to get a better renovation overall. You’ll avoid the tricky planning and won’t have to figure out what materials you’ll need and go to the effort of sourcing them.

Provided you use a reputable company or tradesman, the work is guaranteed and insured, but another downside will be that the completion time will be dependent on the contractors’ schedule and commitments.

If you are going for a high-end conversion and want to install additional windows in a wall that doesn’t have any, you may be forced to go down the professional route as this is something that may not be possible to do for most amateurs. Many will also find the challenge of bricking up the garage door a struggle and may eventually decide to hire a tradesman.

Planning your conversion 

Regardless of whether you choose to undertake a DIY project or get the professionals in, you’ll have to plan your renovation.

Know what you want to achieve with the finished product. Be sure of the designs and fittings you wish to have and what purpose the space will serve – will you use it as a home gym, an extra reception room or even a man cave? It may even be worth drawing a rough sketch of what you want your new conversion to look like.

Compare what you want to achieve with what your budget is – can you afford your vision?  You should have a financial breakdown of the entire project and work out what each stage will cost, e.g., how much insulation, damp proofing, electricals and decorating will all cost individually. Ensure you also have a bit of spare cash in the event of emergency overspends.

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