Learn The Common Causes of Water Damage in Workplaces

Commercial water damage is one of the most common causes for businesses to start losing revenue. After all, while everything is being cleaned up and you’re processing your insurance claim, work may have to stop as workers can’t come in to work and you may not be able to access your building. Instead of sitting around waiting for the worst to happen, let’s look into the common causes so you can be aware of what to look out for in the future.  

The Usual Suspects

Most water remediation companies will point these factors out as the usual ones that cause your water damage. 

Leaking Sprinklers

Damaged pipes are common, and because of this, many companies take the time to fix these and completely forget about their fire safety systems. So take a look into if the pipes responsible for your sprinklers are safe and make sure leaks have been addressed and made note of for the future.

Roof Damage

Roof damage happens for many reasons, not enough maintenance, heavy winds, snowfall and storms are just a few. A damaged roof most often results in water leaks that can cause more than just a leak, it can cause water to pool in your attic and cause structural damage before you even notice a leak, not to mention mold. 

HVAC System Damage

When was the last time you even thought about cleaning out your HVAC system and making sure the ducts are still well sealed? To mitigate them from getting damaged don’t skip your maintenance and keep notes of when the last maintenance was to stay on top of it.

Seal Damage

You might not have thought of it, but are your windows and doors correctly sealed? In the event of rain or water on the outside of your building, poor window seals can cause moisture to seep into the building, and then before you know it there’s mold. As part of your building maintenance, you should consider checking your window and door seals as well as any skylights and fixtures as well.  

Natural Disasters & Weather

Unlike everything else on the list, there’s not much you can do about flash floods, hurricanes, severe weather or storms, as these can damage your workplace even if you do all the right things. One small thing you can do is make sure that your building is as impenetrable from outside water as much as you can, and if you know there’s a flash flood warning or a storm warning, you can take precautions such as boarding up the windows to prevent any further damage and cleaning outdoor drainage to make sure the water doesn’t pool around your workplace. 

You’re In Luck!

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