Soak Up the Sun With Keter: Alejandro Pena on the Sustainability Initiatives Fueling His Company

When was the last time you considered having friends or family over for a get-together? The COVID-19 pandemic made entertaining at home one of the most popular choices for groups and couples. The way that we interact with one another has changed, and now many people are looking for fun, affordable, and accessible outdoor decor for those charming family nights or group get-togethers.

Keter Group was founded in 1948 and is based in Israel. An international supplier of resin-based and sustainable outdoor home decor, Keter CEO Alejandro Pena is uniquely focused on guiding clients toward his company’s sustainable outdoor decor.

Let’s take a closer look at the sustainability efforts in play by Alejandro Pena and Keter before familiarizing ourselves with some of their winning products.

The Sustainable Efforts of Keter Group

Keter Group made a name for itself thanks to its use of sustainable resin materials. With a clean and modern style available in a number of different textures, the products available through Keter’s resin-based materials are perfect for outdoor gatherings.

The resin used by Keter is weather-resistant and ideal for combatting all environments. Whether customers are looking for a pair of Adirondack Chairs to relax in or an outdoor food storage container, Keter Group focuses on sustainability and affordability in equal measure.

Keter Group is focused on minimizing its environmental impacts by minimizing the use of virgin resources. Keter Group goes on to say that its goal is to “Eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.”

By 2025, Keter hopes to have 55% recycled content in all of its products. At the time of this writing, Keter Group has 40% recycled content in its product. The entire KEter line is also entirely recyclable, emphasizing the steps taken by the business to help the environment.

Function & Fashion YOUR Way

As the CEO of Keter Group, Alejandro Pena has familiarized himself with many of the products available from his company. Along the way, Pena outlined and emphasized his adoration for a few major products.s

For smaller patio settings, Pena points to the Keter Group 3-Piece Patio Set wherein groups can gather in a compact, comfortable, and engaging setting. Neutral colors make it easy to fit the Patio Set into any yard.

While you are hanging out in the backyard with friends, consider wheeling out the Outdoor Kitchen Cart by Keter Group. Ideal for storing cooking tools and prepping meals, the Keter Kitchen Cart adds a splash of function and fashion to any occasion. The sturdy cart is ideal for outdoor service as well as for convenient prep work around the kitchen.

If you just want a safe place to store your tools, the Keter Storage Bench can make life easier than ever. Minimize tripping hazards and secure what is important to you with double lids and a massive interior storage container.