The Working of Dental Implants with Your Existing Teeth Explained

The procedure of placing dental implants is with your existing natural teeth involve non-removal of any kind of natural teeth remove to have them fitted. The process is implemented by placing an artificial root into your jaw in order to secure the tooth. In other words, they don’t require to be anchored to your current teeth like the bridges, which make them a more hygienic option. The best part about dental implants is that it looks and works like a natural tooth. It also assists your natural teeth by supporting them by their structure and taking on some of the chewing pressure as well, so that they are not overworking anymore.

Would dental implants affect by original teeth?

No, they wouldn’t be affected. One or many dental implants are made to fit around your current teeth perfectly which means that you can retain them all. Hence, your implants will simply fill in the gaps to provide you with an artificial tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

How do dental implants match the color and tone of your current teeth?

At Centre Dentaires St. Onge, we have a knack for understanding the subtleties need to make a dental implant look and feel like natural teeth. The color, shape, and position play a huge part in making sure that the tooth or teeth blend with your smile easily. In order to do this successfully, we compare the shade guides with the pictures of your teeth to make sure that we are choosing the most natural color of all. We also take into consideration your tooth placement and how it tends to blend with the angles of your natural teeth. Our team ensures you to provide the most natural blend between your natural and implant teeth. To book an appointment with implants dentaires St-Onge, visit

How to take care of your dental implants?

We will enlighten and keep you apprised of all the information you require to care and maintain your dental implants while they are healing. The best part about the dental implants is that they can be looked after just like you used to look after your existing teeth, subtracting all the extra hassles and making your life easier. We will always have a follow up appointment with you post-implant to make sure that your implant is healing as it always should.