Useful Tips to Remember When Swimming with Seals

Swimming with seals is an amazing experience no matter where in the world you decide to do it. Australia is well-known for its diversity and wildlife, and it is no surprise that you can swim with seals off the coast of NSW. If you plan on booking a day trip to swim with seals, remember these points before you get in the water.

Licenced & Experienced Tour Operator

Although rare, you may come across tour operators who are not fully licenced. If this does happen, it is best to avoid them and look for an experienced and licenced guide. There are plenty of great tour operators along the coast and seal swimming in Narooma and other places are popular among tourists.

When choosing a tour operator, make sure you go for a company that has many years of experience offering seal swimming adventures for tourists. They will know all the best spots and safety will be a top priority.

Listen to Your Guide

Once you get your snorkelling gear on and you are ready to dive into the water, listen carefully to what your guide tells you. Many people panic when they see the size and power of seals in the water, and this is something you should not do.

Seals are gentle, curious creatures and they will not hurt anyone unless they feel threatened. If your guide tells you not to touch or feed the seals, listen to their advice and you will have an excellent trip.

No Touching

The goal of swimming with seals is to enjoy their company without physically touching them. You may see some promotional videos where swimmers are giving high 5’s to seals, this behaviour should be avoided. It is best not to interfere with the seals and just enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Once you listen to your guide, everything will be fine, and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Here are some fun facts about seals to get you excited about your trip.

  • Seals are related to bears & badgers.
  • Seals eat 10 pounds of seafood per day.
  • They can swim at up to 40kmph.
  • Their brain temperature drops when they dive.

Swimming with seals is an amazing experience once you book the tour with an experienced and fully licenced operator. Before you put on your swim gear and snorkel, make sure you listen to the instructions given out by your guide and never touch or feed the seals.